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Gregory Moni

“My greatest desire for my artwork is to have it evolve to a place where it speaks to each soul individually, that it reminds them where they come from and creates a desire in them for peace and tranquility.


Greg Moni is a native son of San Luis Obispo who has traveled extensively and always returned home happier and more inspired from his worldly adventures.


Actor, singer, healer, herbalist, artist; Greg has always been fascinated with different cultures and technologies which have made him eager to experience numerous environments and careers.  His many travels have afforded him the unique ability to see outside the proverbial box and to glean different perspectives and differing points of view. 


Greg explains, “Growing up I felt compelled to explore myself and others through the arts and its various forms.”


After high school, Greg decided to express his creative side through the theatre and obtained his Theatre Arts degree from Cal State Northridge.  


After college, he studied further in London where he was captivated by the artistic and theatre life of London.


Upon returning to America, he settled in Venice Beach and became inspired to delve into the research and understanding of what makes people who they are and why they do what they do.  In the process, Greg became intrigued by the street and boardwalk performers of Venice Beach and their countless different forms of expression.


With this passion for people and having a desire to make an impact, Greg decided to pursue a career in the medical field as an EMT and phlebotomist which provided him a stable income. 


“However, the desire to be more in touch with the subtlety of life and the ebb and flow of the energy of being human grew so I decided to study the spiritual nature of people, with meditation, and healing,” he says.


During his study of different healing modality, Greg realized that he needed to learn herbal medicine, so he moves to northern California to go to herbal medicine school and study Ayurvedic medicine. 


At the end of his studies, he had the opportunity to travel to Southern India and fell in love with the culture, the people, and the beautiful art.


“Coming back from India can be quite a culture shock and I ended up moving back home to create an alternative healing clinic for people in need,” he says.


Having invested thousands of dollars into his new business and have it run successfully for two years made Greg realize that the desire for people to take care of themselves on a preventive and subtle level was not there as much as it was in Northern California.


“Additionally, my alternative healing clinic left no room for creativity so this passion to be expressive through art remained submerged and waiting to blossom,” he explains.


It was while touring Italy and visiting the Sistine Chapel and Michael Angelo’s masterpieces that Greg achieved a new level of understanding of how art can elevate the human experience. 


“Seeing Michael Angelo’s masterpieces in person gave me a new level of understanding of how art can elevate a human experience,” Greg says.   “Exploring Italy and its amazing artwork and passion for life drove me to learn how to authentically expressive myself through my art.”


Having the opportunity to formally study art under watercolorist Lori Noel Brokamp gave him the freedom to express himself unconditionally for the first time in years. 


“It was like a fish being able to breathe again after being out of water for so long,” Greg explains.  “My entire being was vibrating with joy to express myself through art.”


Then with the untimely passing of his teacher and mentor, Lori, and also his beloved father, Greg found himself in a state of overwhelming sadness.  He made the decision to focus more on being creative and to start a career in the creative world. 


Increasingly, Greg found himself drawn to less traditional and more abstract forms of art to have the freedom to express himself. Which brought him to another mentor of self-expression through art.  Having the opportunity then to meet and study under the accomplished abstract artist Gayle Rappaport-Weiland who allowed Greg to find his own voice in abstract art. 


“I believe in the roots of Abstract Art where art can elevate the human spirit and the experience of life as we know it,” he explains simply.


Gradually, Greg began to branch out and experiment with various elements and substances to create the ideal medium for his particular type of artistic expression.

“The process of my art and getting myself into the state of being where I can express a portion of my higher consciousness is through meditation and self-discovery,” Greg says.  “All of this happens before I ever touch a single color…”


The Nebula Series of paintings that Greg Moni is doing now is a tribute to all the loved ones he has had the privilege of knowing and who have passed on.


“The Nebulas are made from the perspective of these loved ones being in paradise and what they would see,” he says.  “It is also a hope for people living and a reminder to their soul that they were once upon a time looking through that same window.”

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